My Current Top 25 Favorite Horror/Suspense Movies starting with #25

  • XXV. The Omen (1976) (Directed by Richard Donner)
  • XXIV. Suspiria (Dario Argento)
  • XXIII. Se7en (David Fincher)
  • XXII. Rosemary's Baby (Roman Polanski)
  • XXI. Scream (Wes Craven)
  • XX. Hellraiser (Clive Barker)
  • XIX. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (Wes Craven)
  • XVIII. The Descent (Neil Marshall)
  • XVII. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973) (Tobe Hooper)
  • XVI. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (George A. Romero)
  • XV. The Thing (1982) (John Carpenter)
  • XIV. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)
  • XIII. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick)
  • XII. Misery (Rob Reiner)
  • XI. The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi)
  • X. Dead Alive (Peter Jackson)
  • IX A Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven)
  • VIII. Halloween (1978) (John Carpenter)
  • VII. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock)
  • VI. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (George A. Romero)
  • V. Alien/Aliens (Tie) (Ridley Scott/James Cameron)
  • IV. Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper)
  • III. The Exorcist (William Friedkin)
  • II. Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demme)
  • I. Jaws (Steven Spielberg)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

He's coming to get you Barbara. A closer look at "Night of the Living Dead"

George A. Romero is recognized for creating the zombie film and "Night of the Living Dead" was his first. The movie was, and remains to this day a genuinely scary film. The film was released in 1968 and was considered quite violent and bloody for its time. The movie still has the power to shock and repulse the viewer. There are plenty of unforgettable images of zombies eating human flesh. This movie is the movie for which all other zombie pictures are judged. It is a highly influential horror film. Horror directors today who are interested in making a zombie film need to look no further than "Night of the Living Dead" for inspiration. I personally prefer Romero's sequel "Dawn of the Dead" beacuse I believe it has a bit more entertainment value, but I recognize "Night of the Living Dead" to be the more important film in horror movie history. What are your thoughts on "Night of the Living Dead?"

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