My Current Top 25 Favorite Horror/Suspense Movies starting with #25

  • XXV. The Omen (1976) (Directed by Richard Donner)
  • XXIV. Suspiria (Dario Argento)
  • XXIII. Se7en (David Fincher)
  • XXII. Rosemary's Baby (Roman Polanski)
  • XXI. Scream (Wes Craven)
  • XX. Hellraiser (Clive Barker)
  • XIX. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (Wes Craven)
  • XVIII. The Descent (Neil Marshall)
  • XVII. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973) (Tobe Hooper)
  • XVI. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (George A. Romero)
  • XV. The Thing (1982) (John Carpenter)
  • XIV. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)
  • XIII. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick)
  • XII. Misery (Rob Reiner)
  • XI. The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi)
  • X. Dead Alive (Peter Jackson)
  • IX A Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven)
  • VIII. Halloween (1978) (John Carpenter)
  • VII. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock)
  • VI. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (George A. Romero)
  • V. Alien/Aliens (Tie) (Ridley Scott/James Cameron)
  • IV. Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper)
  • III. The Exorcist (William Friedkin)
  • II. Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demme)
  • I. Jaws (Steven Spielberg)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Was that the boogeyman? As a matter of fact, it was: A closer look at "Halloween"

This is one influential horror film. Released in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter, "Halloween" has led to countless slasher imitations. "Halloween" is the best film of its type ever made. Some people might be a little disappointed with the lack of blood and gore in the movie. I think the movie is plenty scary and suspenseful without the excess violence. It is directed by Carpenter in an expert way. The film works because it is minimalistic and restrained. There is a purity about it. I believe this represents Carpenter's best work. The music for the movie was also composed by Carpenter and it is the most memorable music in the history of the genre. Like the movie itself, the music is minimalistic. It is very simple but very chilling and effective. The actors due a serviceable job for the movie. Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode are the standouts in the movie. The rest of the cast are just incorporated into the movie so they can be disposed of by the relentless psychopath Michael Myers. "Halloween" is a classic and the best slasher movie ever made. What are your thoughts on "Halloween?"

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